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We are now working on a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you would like to see any particular topic addressed here, please drop us a note by clicking here.

Adopt-A-Cat Month

Why is it important to adopt a cat?

Although 75 million cats in the United States have perfect homes, owners that love and protect them, lives that are truly worth living, another 70 million or so are homeless, living their lives in the wilds of the cities, countryside and woods, and most often breeding new litters of kittens without homes as well.

Kittens are so cute - Don't they all find homes?

This is the time of year when hundreds of litters of homeless kittens are brought into animal shelters throughout the nation, the majority of them never finding a loving home or a caring owner. Itís why Associated Humane Societies is joining with the American Humane Association to recognize June as Adopt-A-Cat Month.

Is it true that owning a cat is really good for you?

Studies show that pet ownership has positive health benefits for humans. Petting and holding cats have an immediate effect in lowering blood pressure and heart rate and some studies show that pet owners actually live longer lives.

Why is it important to neuter or spay my cat?

Statistics show that one unspayed cat, her mate and their offspring, producing two litters a year with less than three cats surviving in each litter can give birth to nearly 12 million kittens in nine years! Also, a neutered male is less likely to spray, to get into fights and wander off (though cats should always be kept indoors.)  A spayed female will not attract neighborhood males to the house who will then mark your property!

Why should I adopt a cat or kitten from the Associated Humane Societies?

For one reason because the AHS will spay or neuter your cat or kitten prior to adoption at no cost; provide a health guarantee, and give him his basic inoculations as part of your adoption fee. 

And because we have such a wonderful selection of felines at our four shelters that you are sure to find exactly the cat for you! 


 I would like to know how the microchip is used.and is there some sort of monthly service fee for this?

Once the microchip is implanted and registered with  Home Again there is a fee of $15.00 per year to keep your information updated.  But once they have the chip, they are registered.  With this new micro-chip that HomeAgain has offered it has more capabilities and can be connected to your vet records as well as the owner information.  Also if your pet is missing, HomeAgain puts out a sort of Amber Alert for pets and helps with getting your pet found.
Popcorn Park Zoo

Is Popcorn Park zoo wheelchair accesible? are wheelchairs available there?

Popcorn Park is wheelchair accessible, but wheelchairs are not

I'm interested in being a volunteer at Popcorn Park Zoo. How can I apply?

Click on About Us on the left navigation bar. Then on the right side, you'll see the category Employment. Click on Employment and then Zoo Staff. There you will find seasonal part-time positions and volunteer positions. Just fill out an application and we'll be back to you shortly!!

Am I allowed to photograph the animals at Popcorn Park Zoo?

We do not allow them to be photographed, only be approved volunteers.

Is Popcorn Park Zoo open during the winter?

Yes, the animals can certainly be seen during the winter months.  Our hours are:

11 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week
Holidays  11 a.m. to 2 p.m


For more information on Popcorn Park Zoo, click here


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