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Beagle and Cat Rescue from Cruel Testing Laboratory

Be a part of the rescue effort in saving lives from a cruel testing laboratory!
Donate today!

When AHS/Popcorn Park was asked to rescue dogs and cats from a North Carolina research lab being closed down due to horrid living conditions and acts of cruelty, the Society sent staffers to rescue 35 beagles and 6 cats. After viewing a portion of graphic footage of what these animals endured (See for story/photos/video), we hoped to take more. We spent more than a day waiting to get in and rescue these animals. We felt like heroes in a movie racing to save lives. There were over 200 dogs and 54 cats living a life of hell. Thankfully, the place was closed down by the USDA - but the lab gave shelters less than 24 hours to get all animals out or they would be killed.

When Forked River Manager John Bergmann rescued the beagles, it was with mixed emotions that he felt -- of what they had endured and yet knowing that they will never go through this again.

When the Beagles arrived at our facilities, we saw the fear and uncertainty in their eyes. They stayed motionless in place waiting for the next assault on their pathetically thin bodies.

The cost has been, and will continue to be, overwhelming in this unexpected rescue. The cost for trailers, several staffers over a 2 day period, all inoculations including Canine Influenza Virus, Bordatella, Distemper, spay/neuter of all dogs and cats, deworming, etc. all must be covered. Shortly after arrival, one of the cats suffered a pyrometra which could have resulted in a rapid death, so emergency surgery was performed. She, along with the rest of the cats, have come through this grueling existence with no impact on their relationship with humans. As a matter of fact, they are extremely friendly and loving. Thankfully, all dogs and cats were rescued by many shelters in NC and VA. The Society was the only northeastern shelter that offered to help.

Volunteer dogwalkers are socializing the Beagles and bringing out their best in helping them to find a forever home. All cats are going into Kitty City so they will never be caged again. They too are available for adoption.

The cost for the above and their continued stay with us until all have been adopted will exceed $30,000. These animals lived without a kind hand or a kind word. We hope that you will help us to help them.

Please donate today and indicate it is to help defray the costs of rescuing the laboratory Beagles and cats.


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