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Update on Pearl

After AHS placed Pearl on our Home Page, the Society received an unusually high number of responses to Pearl's care.

After she was placed on the website, the AHS Director decided that no amount of time spent in our Medical Dept. or medication would help to improve Pearl's condition. And Pearl was bundled up and taken to the Director's home for the health, the happiness and improvement that every shelter resident needs -- a home atmosphere with attentive efforts to put her on a better road.

When she arrived at home and her sweater was taken off, it was an assault to the eyes and to the heart to see how this old poodle got into the emaciated condition in which she was found. Had her owner died or become incapacitated and she was left to fend for herself? We are trying to get more information from the municipal Animal Control Officer who brought her in.

When she arrived at the Director's home, there were 3 dogs waiting to see what new needy animal arrived. They sat around her doggy bed like three wise men waiting for some news -- but when it was "nothing new" in their world, they ignored her . except at her frequent mealtime feedings. It was a cheese omelet, macaroni and cheese, tiny bits of steak but chicken thighs are Pearl's favorite.

Our Res-Q Fund and your donations to it are an important part of the Society's rescue efforts. It will help the next "Pearl" that comes through our doors.

Pearl comes to the Administrative Offices daily for frequent feedings and lots of loving attention by the staff. She is weak but her appetite remains strong. We will give frequent updates as things will hopefully improve.


DAY TWO: Upon Pearl's arrival at the Director's home, the three wise men (Pebbles, Pops and Beardsley) were all excited to see what new bundle Mom brought home. Their excitement quickly turned into boredom -- it was the same dog from the day before.

But there were new smells - An inspection by them revealed that Mom had made a brief stop at the supermarket's hot bar -- pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, won ton/egg drop soup and more chicken thighs. The three wise men stared as Pearl was eating their dinner! Beardsley gave angry sideward glances to Mom - he wanted her to know that he felt he was being replaced in her heart -- but not to worry . Mom had room in her heart for all of them. The three wise men were somewhat miffed - special treats and goodies brought in for this needy stranger? But Mom gave the rest of the pot roast and some won tons were also shared with them. Clearly, they now knew they got special treats while Pearl was sharing their home.
Pearl dined on a little bit of pot roast, mostly all of the mashed potatoes and one won ton. A bit of chicken thigh came later while everyone watched the nightly news.

DAY THREE: Upon arising, Pearl was offered some warm chicken but it was not so appealing to her. So off to the Society, Mom and Pearl went. A stop was made at Dunkin Donuts where an egg and cheese on a croissant was going to be Mom's breakfast .. or so she thought. Pearl ate all of the egg and cheese and one half of the croissant.
Tomorrow, Pearl will be visiting our Forked River facility to be given a very gentle spa day to clean up the grime. The protruding bones in her spine and her legs are clearly visible.

The Society wants to thank all who have shown love and concern for this senior citizen.
All of the staff at AHS are here because they want to make life better for these animals. Your donations will help us to continue that work.

Read about Pearl when she first arrived

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