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Bartlett - Rescued from Collapsed Building Roof

The AHS was contacted by an employee of Bartlett Distribution Services of Newark concerning a fire in an adjacent empty warehouse that had collapsed. On top of the roof of the now destroyed building was the lone figure of a pit bull. Never one to shirk the responsibility of rescuing an animal under perilous conditions, two Society staffers immediately went to the location. An 8 foot wrought iron fence surrounded the building. They met with Michael Becht, an employee of Bartlett who had made the phone call about the lone pit bull.

We'll never know how he wound up homeless, but we do know that he must have struggled every day just to exist in a city where there are already so many stray, uncared for animals.

Society Asst. Director Scott Crawford and Animal Control Officer Alvis Carrington assessed the hazards of attempting to scale a collapsed building. First they had to contend with an 8 foot wrought iron fence. This was a dangerous rescue. Crawford scaled the 8 foot wrought iron fence and was able to grab onto a portion of concrete and lift himself up towards the damaged roof. He then had to maneuver on to portions of the dangerously unstable building . As Crawford was scaling up towards the dog, Becht was throwing morsels of food to entice the dog downward. ACO Carrington stood by to capture the dog if it became necessary. As the dog would move closer to get more food, Crawford inched nearer.

The pit bull, which had not eaten for awhile was a willing participant in obtaining more food. Crawford was then able to snare him with the pole at which time the pit bull decided he had enough and was starting to bolt towards another section of the building. For this pit bull, it was the only home he had known. But Asst. Director Scott Crawford handed the pole of the collared canine over to ACO Carrington who carried him to the fence. First Carrington went over the fence and the dog was lifted out over the fence. Crawford then scaled the fence -- and at this point, that pit bull didn't know how lucky he was. Nor did either Society staffer. It was a dangerous rescue -- and no one was hurt or injured.

We call him Bartlett for the namesake of the company adjacent to the building whose employee cared enough to seek help for the dog.

Bartlett had found comfort and companionship with a drifter that came around frequently and they spent time together in the abandoned building. He was sitting on top of his ruined home still waiting for his old friend to stop by.

Bartlett is covered in soot and will have a spa day so he can look presentable when visitors come.

AHS Asst. Director Scott Crawford and ACO Alvis Carrington

We are happy to say that we have brought Bartlett to the safety of our AHS Newark facility, where he will now know what it's like to be safe, warm, and cared for. He will never have to worry again about where his next meal comes from, and never have to worry about staying warm on a harsh, cold winter's night. Bartlett has received a thorough examination from our veterinarian and is doing very well. He is now available for adoption and would love a wonderful home with a family that will love him forever.

This is just one of the many rescues that our AHS Animal Control Officers make on a regular basis. When the call comes in about a dog like Bartlett being stranded on a roof, they are out the door and on the scene. Please help us to continue the work that we do of helping animals in need and make a contribution to our cause.

If you are interested in giving the beautiful and friendly Bartlett a home of his own, please call our Newark facility for details at 973-824-7080, and thank you, as always, for helping us to help the helpless.


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