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Buddy the Dane, Neglected, Heartworm Positive

Buddy when he first came to us in the summer of 2013

Our big friend Buddy just can't seem to catch a break. Since the very beginning of his young life, Buddy has had bad luck. He was first owned by some ignorant people in Alabama that left this beautiful Great Dane in a tiny pen, all by himself, day in and day out. As Buddy grew, he began to outgrow his little 8 x 8 run down pen. He wanted to get out and run and play like a normal pup but unfortunately, he owner just didn't care and kept Buddy like a prisoner in a tiny jail cell. Buddy tried so hard to get out that he even injured himself on the fencing to his tiny pen.

He cut his head, and injured his eye so badly that it had to be removed. Some kind people finally stepped in and rescued Buddy from the awful existence that he was living in and took him straight for medical care. Buddy was less than a year old, yet he was completely emaciated, full of heartworm, scarred up from living in his beat up, rusty pen, and losing an eye due to his injuries. Not a good way for this loving, affectionate young man to start his life.

Buddy stayed with the kind people that rescued him for a while as they searched for a forever home for him. When it seemed there were no responsible offers for this young man, the foster family contacted us at Popcorn Park to see if we could help. Buddy made his way up to New Jersey from Alabama, and when he stepped off the van to meet us, he offered us all a pawshake immediately, and we knew right then and there that this big boy was somebody special.

Buddy spent several months with us, getting cured of his heartworm, having his wounds heal, and putting on some much needed weight. It was impossible not to fall in love with this gentle giant, and he came to be known as the dog that would brighten your day by all of our staff. When Buddy was out for a walk, you could not pass him by without stopping to say hello, get your pawshake, and have Buddy do the Great Dane lean against your leg to get some attention. Buddy was adopted briefly but Buddy has come back to us recently. We are on the search again for a wonderful, forever home for him. Buddy, like all large breeds, has the tendency to become protective of his family.

This became a problem in his last home when it wasn't dealt with, so Buddy will need an experienced home where he will get the direction that he needs to be well adjusted. Buddy loves everyone he meets and is great with other dogs too. He just needs someone that will have the time, patience and love to devote themselves to him forever. Buddy is only about two years old now and is still waiting for that perfect family to come along. Please give our gentle, loving boy a chance.

Buddy is at the Forked River facility waiting for "a new leash on life". A donation here would help with our ResQ Fund. Our Medical Dept. treats multitude of cases of heartworm from dogs that arrive from the south. For more information, call the Society at 609-693-1900 or e-mail us


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