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Eggnog - Update Dec. 15th

Eggnog was featured in the ASBURY PARK PRESS on Dec. 18th as he looked upon his arrival (above) at the Associated Humane Societies. He looked like an old soul with an emaciated body, but after a spa day, some nourishing food and lots of TLC, the hurt and pain were gone! (Read his original story here.)

The painful longing can be seen in the eyes of those that have been mistreated that hurts the hearts of AHS staffers as we see the strays that arrive on a daily basis. He was so petrified from his past history that it was necessary to sedate him.

We thought him to be an old feeble gent but is actually, less than 2 years old. We immediately became aware of his painful longing to feel loved and acceptance as he sat by a staffer's desk and stayed by her feet all day. Gone is the "lost soul" look in his eyes and "Eggnog" would love to find a lifetime of love and acceptance.

He covers his unfinished food bowl with a sweater, a towel or anything that would hide it from others.

He has a winning heart filled with love for a new owner.

For further information on Eggnog, send us an e-mail

To help with the medical care he received that will also be used to help others after him, please donate to our Res-Q Fund or text HumaneHelp to 41444


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