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BamBam and Friends Finding Care and Affection at AHS

It was a few weeks before Christmas -- a festive, busy time for holiday shoppers who have no knowledge of the misery of a trio of despairing dogs. (Read their original story here). They lived on a patch of dirt with cold, heavy chains attached to their bruised and sore necks.

They had no food, no water and there were no bowls in sight. Two of the dogs broke free and started running down a Newark street. An AHS Animal Control Officer saw the sight and found the property and more evidence of the harsh treatment that the dogs endured.

They were brought to the AHS Newark shelter where blankets, food and water were given along with medical care.

The world has changed for these dogs that have found that there are warm-hearted people who want to make a vast improvement over what they endured.

Bam Bam was the most needy of the trio. He was a lost soul with a vacant stare who knew nothing of how wonderful life could be! He has discovered affection, acceptance and loves to cuddle with humans. He loves to play and releases the rawhide when asked.

Please consider a donation to help us care of the sad cases that come through our doors. Or you can text HumaneHelp to 41444.

For information on Bam Bam, call AHS at 973-824-7080 and refer to File 17332 or e-mail us.


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