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Neglected Goats Find Home at Zoo

These three lovely young ladies and three gents, (all goats), were being neglected ... again ... in Atlantic County.  It was the owner's second offense so the six were confiscated by the Atlantic County SPCA and brought to Popcorn Park Zoo. We were holding them "temporarily" until good homes could be found. If you know Popcorn Park ... what do you think happened next?! That's right! They found a little patch of heaven and plan on staying right here!

All began treatment immediately, and it will take some time to re-build their health. They had no names, so staff waited awhile to get to know their personalities. Each one, despite their bones sticking out everywhere due to heavy infestations of internal parasites, was a sweetie. After observing them, staff felt fitting names would be, from left to right, Maggie, Trouble and Lady. (We'll introduce you to the boys in a bit.)  Please check back soon, as each will be available for sponsorship on the Wildlife Club in the very near future!

Without Popcorn Park, these goats may have had nowhere to go - certainly they wouldn't have been easily kept together and begun their veterinary treatment so promptly. Popcorn Park Zoo is the salvation for so many animals in need - we hope you'll support us with a donation today!


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