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Emma Neglected - Suffered Multiple Skin Infections - Owner Gets New Puppy

Sometimes the word neglect is not nearly strong enough of a word to describe what some of our innocent and defenseless animals go through. This sweet and gentle soul is Emma. Emma was severely neglected, to put it mildly. Emma's owners came in to our medical clinic with a story that they had a dying dog in their car, and they needed the dog put to sleep right away. They were told to bring the dog immediately into our shelter so we could help them.

When they brought the dog inside, the story had changed a little. It seemed that Emma was in terrible condition, and they just could not care for her any longer. This lovely little girl had a horrid skin infection that must have been making her so miserable for so long. They explained that due to financial problems, they had not had their dog to see a vet in about a year. Emma was in desperate need of medical attention and they just couldn't get it for her, although they were able to get themselves a brand new puppy.

Emma was so very relieved to see our veterinarian, who gave her a thorough examination right away. It was determined that Emma was suffering with multiple skin infections and a flea allergy. Her nails were so long that they curled over, and her poor skin felt like sandpaper. We got her on several medication right away, trimmed her nails, and gave a long, warm, medicated bath. During all of this, Emma could not be nicer. It was as if she realized that she was now in good hands, and would finally get the help that she needed to make her feel better again. Her tail even wagged a bit when she was getting soaped up with a soft washcloth during her first of many baths!

This is Emma's first "after" photo after her medication and special baths.

Emma is so loving and gentle, and just wants people to be kind to her. She is a 9 year old cattle dog mix and will be available for adoption just as soon as her condition starts to improve. We are so thankful that we have our Res-Q Fund that enables us to take in the special cases like Emma, and get them the help that they need to be normal, healthy, and happy again. Thanks to our generous donors that support our Res-Q Fund, we are able to help Emma, and so many more like her. Please make a contribution to the Res-Q Fund to help Emma and so many similar cases. We will keep you updated on Emma's progress who deserves a wonderful caring family for her remaining years. Emma is at the Society's Forked River facility. For more information, call the Society at 609-693-1900 or e-mail us.

Stay tuned for more on the transformation of Emma. She is hoping to be looking good and feeling fine in no time!

UPDATE SEPT.13: BATH TIME FUN WITH EMMA: Thank you all so much for your concern for our darling Emma! She is showing signs of improvement every day. Emma now gets a full body-wag when she sees one of her many friends approaching to take her out for a, and she is loving her bath times! Emma is getting a medicated bath every two days and that, combined with medications and nutritional supplements, is helping her skin infections immensely. The swelling in Emma's eyes has already gone down, and the redness in her skin is fading.

She is also becoming happier by the day as well, and is now quite animated! She will howl for a treat and will dance around and swing her tail in circles when she's enjoying her baths. Emma is such a doll and we're so glad that she's on the road to recovery. Stay tuned for more on Emma's transformation. If you missed her story when she came in, you can read it below. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words for Emma! Click here for full size version of Emma getting her bath!

Click here for photos of additional animals available for adoption at our Forked River shelter.

More Emma updates ...


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