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Princess Begins 2009/10 Football Season!

Princess was caught as off guard as anyone - who could believe the new season has already begun and it's time to get out those grahams! She even had to remind John to go get them so she could get those prognosticating wheels turning! So tune in weekly to see how Princess is doing, and remember the 2009/09 season  where she did exceptionally well!

Hey John, guess what this week is? It's the start of the NFL season and extra graham crackers for my picks!


That's right, girl, and your 1st game this year is down in Texas. It's the Jets at the Texans.




Well lets get right on it then John, give me a couple grahams to think it over.




I like the Jets' rookie quarterback, he's going to be a good one, and new coach Ryan's defense will be good. I think both teams are up and coming, but the Texans are a little better right now.



Hey, John, why did you get me out here today for this, yesterday was beautiful. Now it's starting to rain and I just got groomed on Sunday. Look what this rain is doing to my new do!

Football fans, we hope you don't mind about Princess' `do' - just how she picks. Check back to see if she's started the season right!

Princess' first week pick was incorrect. She picked the Texans to win, but they lost to the Jets, 24-7.

Note: Princess and Popcorn Park have elected to not pick Eagles' games this year because of the hiring of Michael Vick, convicted for brutally torturing and killing dogs for dogfighting money for 6 years. Surrounded by animals who have been healed and need healing from such cruelty, Princess felt she had to draw the line. Read more.


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