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Giants or Cardinals for Princess in Week 4

Hey girl, what a pick last week! A lot of your fans thought you were a little off your game, and you just picked the nearest graham cracker without giving it much thought. Who would have thought the Raiders would knock off the Jets?

There you go again, John, we're only picking the 3rd game of the season and you're starting to doubt my picks already Ö come on now!!
Sorry to disappoint all the Jet fans last week, but got to tell it like it is.

Are you just going to hold on to that graham cracker forever? Give it up, John. So what game we going with this week John?

Girl, we are picking the game between the Giants and Cardinals.

The Game


Psst Ö....... John, didnít the Giants beat up on a certain somebody last week? They had him whining and crying after the game.

Yeah, I think so girl.


Princess makes her pick

Princess picks the Giants to Win!!

I think the Giants finally got things straightened out John. The defense got it done last week and Eli only threw the balls to his own teammates, not the other team. So he might be on a roll.

Well, good luck again, girl. You know how those Giants can be. One week they look like they know what they're doing, and the next week they donít have a clue.

Will they have a clue this week and prove Princess' faith in them is right? Check back and see!

Results - Princess is correct for the 4th week in a row! The NY Giants beat the Cardinals 31 - 27.


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