Mango the Iguana

Mango the Iguana

Mango is one of many iguanas at Popcorn Park who are purchased with little understanding of their needs and then surrendered. Sometimes they're not wanted because they grow too big, or they are no longer of interest.

Iguanas come with a long list of must haves for proper care. They need a lot of space as an adult, requiring an enclosure to be twice the length of them, and the same width as their length. This enclosure must have space for them to climb to find and escape the heat.

The enclosure should have and area that reaches up to 120 degrees, and never fall below low to mid 80s. We suggest to stay away from heating pads or rocks, due to how easily an Iguana can get burned on them. They need their heat source to come from above them, allowing them to thermoregulate. Additionally, they need a good water source available at all times. They should be misted daily, and soaked periodically to ensure proper hydration. If possible to offer them a mini swimming pool, 

Iguana's diets should consist of mainly vegetables, but also include some fruit. They need proper lighting to fully digest their meals, and can live anywhere between 15-20 years in captivity. Natural sunlight is best for them, so if possible, keep them in an outdoor enclosure if the weather permits for it.

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The Popcorn Park Wildlife Club is a special sponsorship program designed to help support the residents of the refuge. Through a monthly donation you will help provide all that is needed for that particular animal's well-being, and in return, you will receive regular updates from your sponsored animal!

Popcorn Park was established in 1977 for the sole purpose of providing a refuge for wildlife that were sick, elderly, abandoned , abused, or injured, and which could no longer survive in its natural habitat. As time went on, we expanded to include exotic and domestic animals. All our residents once faced these circumstances, as well as exploitation and illegal ownership. Over 200 of these animals and birds now live in spacious surroundings in the heart of the scenic Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. The Refuge, which is federally licensed, comprises seven acres and is graced by the indigenous Scrub Oak and Scrub Pine. You may be greeted at the gate by a gaggle of geese, but soon you will see a marvelous array of animals including a lion and lionesses. tigers, mountain lions, baboons, a serval cat, and more. Many different types of monkeys clamor for your attention in the monkey house, and the Refuge abounds with all kinds of native wildlife such as white-tailed deer, bobcats, and American black bears. Farm animals such as horses, steer. sheep, pigs, llamas and goats often look for a handout, and reptiles and tortoises enjoy their own special house. In addition, you'll find numerous species of birds have made themselves comfortable throughout the park. But what makes Popcorn Park so special is that each animal was rescued from suffering, exploitation and/or death - each has its own unique story to tell. You will learn these stories as you walk through the Refuge and as you visit this section of our web site. You have entered a quiet world where all the residents were once in danger and now are safe. So start your journey - bring your curiosity and respect for these beautiful creatures.

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