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Zeus and O'Hana

zeus and o'hana

Zeus and O'Hana are two of the nicest Dobermans you'll ever meet!  Zeus (10, floppy-ears) and his wife, O'Hana (9, straight ears) came to us when their owner, who bred them throughout their lives, could no longer care for them.  Zeus was very thin upon arrival and O'Hana had a very diseased uterus, but they've both received lots of good medical care and are feeling like brand new pups. These two are so loving, affectionate, and well-mannered. They sit and offer a pawshake when asked, they're housebroken, and they absolutely adore people.  They're big leaners and as soon as they meet you, all they want is to lean against your leg and have get as much attention as possible!  Zeus loves his toys and while O'Hana trots around, checking things out.  They are inseparable and will need to stay together forever. They will need to be the only pets in the home.  You'll love Zeus & O'Hana!  File#29408/09 1/17/20