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Coco Puff 43881

Coco Puff 43881

Hi I'm Coco Puff! 

 Coco Puff is a big bundle of love! He bonds quickly with his humans and wants to be by your side. He is always down for some playtime and he could keep you entertained for hours, playing ball, fetch and tug of war. He loves to cuddle and keep you company. This snuggle bug would do best in an adult only home with an experienced owner. Coco Puff needs a little guidance to smooth out his quirks and an experienced owner could provide him the guidance he needs. He loves going on long walks and hiking and would do great in a home with a tall fenced in yard or an active lifestyle, because he has loads of playful puppy energy. This darling boy would do best as the only pet in the household.  Coco Puff is very smart, he just didn’t receive training as a puppy. He has already learned sit and stay. He takes treats gently from your hand and is eager to please. Coco Puff will be your loyal best friend bringing love and entertainment into your home.

Call to book an appointment with this gorgeous Weimaraner mix at (973)824-7080