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The many faces of Waldo!  He's such a sweet, expressive guy.  Waldo is only about 4 years old and he came to us after being found as a stray.  Waldo was a little shy when he arrived but he really is just a big baby.  All you have to do is pet him and give him some attention and he gets all mushy and cuddly.  Waldo just needs to ease into new situations gradually.  He moved into our free-roaming area and began making lots of feline friends immediately.  Now he's very comfortable and relaxed, and given the time in a new home to settle in, he'll do just fine.  He's a very sweet boy that clings to people for comfort, and he gets along great with other cats too.  Waldo would love to be your new lap-warmer if you give him a chance!  File#29494  3/12/20

Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an appointment to meet Waldo.