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Little Fella 44965 & Little Missy 44966

Little fella 44965 & Little missy 44966

This adorable bonded pair is a perfect match! Little Fella is a beautiful orange tabby male cat who just loves attention! His lush copper coat is soft and he just loves any kind of scratches! Little Missy is his blue cream calico bonded beauty who is just as friendly! These two 7 year old loves are a bonded pair of cuties and you can tell just how much these cats love each other. It is so important to keep bonded animals together so we are asking that these buddies are welcomed into the same home! This inseparable pair are about medium sized cats: Little Missy weighing in around 8lbs and Little Fella weighs about the same. 

Welcome this beautiful adult pair of bonded buddies into your home- meet them by appointment 973-824-7080!!