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Gizmo 45901

Gizmo 45901

I may look rough and tough on the outside but I am gentle and loyal on the inside! Hi, I'm Gizmo, a loving boy with an energetic pep in my step. My favorite thing to do is run around and get my zoomies around the yard- I've gotta get my steps in!  I'd love to one day go on an adventure to a dog park or even the doggy beaches down the shore! I love to cuddle, play tug of war, and fetch. I am definitely not too shy to tell you when I want your attention and might throw a puppy fit if I doesn’t get it immediately. I can't wait to have my first trip in the car so I can feel the breeze between my cheeks and let my tongue fly in the wind! 

Gizmo is an energetic and playful pal who never fails to put a smile on our faces when playing out in the yard. This lovable pooch cannot wait to hop in your car for his freedom ride!

Call to meet Gizmo at (9730-824-7080