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Pop 47905

pop 47905 

Pop is a beautiful grinning pittie mix who could definitely have a hint of Boston Terrier in him. Pop has a charming personality. Everything about him makes you fall in love! Pop loves exploring on walks and has the most adorable and confident prance you've ever seen. When first meeting Pop, all this good boy will want to do is sit in your lap and get some lovin'! This good-natured boy will come around sooner rather than later and you'll see his famous grin make an appearance! Pop is an incredibly affectionate and lovable dog. He has quite a bit of energy so frequent walks and play time are the best to tire him out! Per his previous owners, Pop also knows to alert you when he has to go potty! He is a loyal boy and will make the perfect best friend. Check out what makes Pop so great in person! Call 973-824-7080 to book an appointment to meet Pop!