Dakota 47827

dakota 47827

This active and playful girl is Dakota! Dakota is a fun and energetic girl who loves to roam around on walks! This high spirited sweetie is a handful on lead, but we are confident with a bit of training she would do great. Her high energy personality would do great in a house with a yard where she could play all day.  Dakota is a friendly and affectionate doggo! She is very people oriented and is always looking for attention, treats and pets! After a long day of zoomies, Dakota loves to lie down in the grass and relax from an action packed day. Dakota came to us a a shy stray dog, and look at how far she has gone! With her energy we are sure she is on the younger side but our veterinary team is still evaluating her age. There is nothing this dog loves more than to be be by the side of a person willing to share their love! Call to book an appointment with Dakota! 973 824 7080