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Amara is one lucky girl.....not lucky in that she was the victim of terrible neglect by the heartless owners that abandoned her in a Newark park in her time of need, but lucky in that some good people took notice of the struggling dog, and they flagged down animal control to help, rather than turning away from this poor soul. Had Amara not received help that fateful day, she surely would have died. She was suffering with severe pyometra and when our AHS-Newark veterinarian spayed her, her terribly infected uterus weighed seven pounds! Since that day in October 2018, Amara's life has completely changed, for the better. She is now at AHS/Popcorn Park where the senior girl lives in peace and comfort, and gets so much love and attention that she must think she's in heaven! Besides the life-threatening pyometra, Amara also had several masses that required removal, and she has some crickety, arthritic legs, which we treat with adequan injections and pain management. Amara is one of the nicest, sweetest dogs you will ever meet and while she awaits that special family that will welcome her home, she's been added to our Share-A-Pet program so she can get some extra love and attention from some wonderful sponsors.

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We established the Share-A-Pet Program in February 1978 to save the lives of a number of dogs and cats who, for various reasons, were in special need of a “New Leash on Life.” The animals are selected by the Society staff from among those at our Animal Care Centers which the Society considers unadoptable due to age, handicap, medical problems, abuse, length of stay, etc. All Share-A-Pet sponsors through our web site will receive via e-mail the Society’s publication, the HUMANE NEWS, plus every four months, a color photo of each dog or cat they are sponsoring and a letter telling about the health and activities of the animal. All sponsors will also receive a Share-A-Pet membership card, which entitles you to free admission to Popcorn Park Zoo for the duration of your sponsorship. Please note: Should funds for one animal exceed the cost of its care, they are applied to all cats and dogs in need on the Share-A-Pet Program.

The following services are available at the Forked River Shelter: - Adoption and surrender of cats, dogs and small animals seven days a week. - Radio-dispatched ambulances on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. - Popcorn Park Animal Clinic, a modern Medical Dept, staffed by licensed veterinarians to treat and care for privately owned animals and shelter animals. - Spay/Neuter services. - Animal Haven Farm and Kitty City - the homes of our Share-A-Pet dogs and cats. - Home of Popcorn Park, a 7 acre refuge providing a permanent home for injured, ill, handicapped, abandoned, abused and exploited wildlife, birds, exotic and farm animals. - Humane Education programs and tours.

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