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Trixie and Diesel

trixie and diesel

Trixie and Diesel need an adopter to step up! Their owner became homeless and they ended up here in our the shelter! Trixie, 12,  is a sad potato at the shelter, but her brother Deisel, 14, is a happy-go-lucky guy whom she turns to for comfort.  They are inseparable and bonded and will need a home where they can stay together forever.  Trixie (tan) has hypothyroidism and will require medication indefinitely.  She also has some arthritis to contend with so an easy-going, comfortable home will be best for these two sweeties.  

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Animal Info

  • Trixie and Diesel
  • Tinton Falls
  • Dogs
  • Canine
  • Pug
  • 12 Years
  • medium
  • Tan
  • Black
  • 37353/54
  • Adopted
  • Female
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • Trixie needs meds for thyroid

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