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Special Living for Dogs

Located at our Forked River facility, the Animal Haven Farm offers special living conditions to dogs who for reasons of abuse, handicap, injury, abandonment or other unique circumstances need an extra special chance at a great life. 

These dogs are available for adoption or for sponsorship through the Share-A-Pet program, and enjoy the best of health and care for as long as they need to be with us. The dogs enjoy the care of just one caretaker who gets to know each dog well, and is tuned into their needs.  They also have access to on-premises veterinary care 6 days a week, outdoor play yards with dog houses and toys, where they are matched up with dog buddies with whom they get along well.

Watch a Video

Take a short video tour of the Animal Haven Farm and Kitty City to see for yourself how happy and well-cared for our residents are!!

All Share-A-Pet dogs relish visits, treats and being walked by their sponsors, and although they have a terrific life with us, can still hope for adoption! In fact, many Share-A-Pet dogs have been adopted by their sponsors, oftentimes after years on the Animal Haven Farm. This area is also the home to dogs left us in Wills or Bequests, or who come to us under the Safe Haven Program.

All dogs living on the Animal Haven Farm are featured in our online Share-A-Pet program. You can read about each one and view a current photo, as well as learn all details about how to sponsor your favorite(s). In addition, you can see additional photos of the comfortable surroundings enjoyed by all our wonderful Animal Haven Farm pups.