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Kya is sedated as Dr's. Paluch and Bergmann hold her head up so Dr. Vygantas can perform one of the tests on her right eye.

Kya had her 3rd eye exam last week with Dr. Vygantas from Northstar Vets. She did well and her eye pressure from glaucoma continues to drop. Her "good eye" the left one, came down from 54 to 41 and her "bad eye" the right, from 75 to 47, so the medications are working well. Although information from all her exams tell us she can not see anything, she runs around that yard and her den better then we could, and with these meds and good exams she should not lose any sight that she may have.

Kya shortly after her arrival last September.

Kya came to us last September, when a zoo in Maryland could no longer keep her in a comfortable enclosure because of her blindness. Read her full story.

If you would like to help support Kya's continued eye health, please make a donation and mention it's for Kya or … sponsor her in the Wildlife Club!