Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park


Dear Friend,

Do you believe in miracles? We do. We always have.

They can be small miracles or big ones -- we believe in them all. It can be finding a dog or cat the best forever home, or it can be rescuing sick, neglected dogs from a puppy mill, (photo left).

Jan. 2009, we rescued 40 Chihuahuas and 9 Shar Pei, all sick and neglected, from a puppy mill breeder in NJ. The Chihuahuas were initially terrified and clung to each other. With socialization, they soon became friendly and calm and were happily placed.

It can be giving animals in need a good meal and a warm place to sleep, or it can be saving 35 Beagles and 6 cats from a research lab. It can be accepting a monkey that was kept inappropriately as a pet into Popcorn Park or providing life-saving surgery to a tiger.(photo below).

There is no shortage of miracles in the world; we only need to see them.

Dante getting an MRI to determine if his recent chemo treatments were successful.

We don’t pat ourselves on the back for the changes we’ve made in these animals’ lives; we’re simply following what is in our hearts ... a love for animals and a desire to see them thrive and be happy.

There is one miracle, however, that we cannot provide alone. We must look to you, our animal-loving friends, to help us create these miracles, both big and small.

This holiday season, the time of miracles, we ask for your kindness and generosity so that we can help more animals, now and into the New Year. There is never a shortage of animals in need of love ... of life-changing, miraculous love.

Do you believe? Will you help us provide miracles to animals in need?

Please donate today and make a difference!

John Bergmann
Interim Executive Director