Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park


Monday, Feb. 2, Kya was so excited about all that snow that was supposed to be coming, racing around looking for anything to play with. Well, we empty the ponds before winter, but last week some leaves clogged the drain in her pond, and with all the rain, it filled the pond a bit.The water was iced over and leaves were stuck in the ice, and this fascinated her. She kept looking at them, reaching out to try and get one. Well, the temptation finally got the best of her and she took the plunge.

Smelling that snow in the air

She wouldn't stop running around looking for something to play with.

She thought she saw something.

And then she found it.

She wanted it bad.

She started swatting at them.

And then went in after them.

30 degrees and frozen water.

She didn't care and played in it for over a half an hour. She was in control of everything.

Until she thought she saw something move.

Whoa! she didn't expect that.

And in a second she was outta there. But she had a blast and as far as that "blizzard" well we all know what happened with that