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Kitty City - A Cat Paradise

Located at our Forked River facility, Kitty City is a cat paradise which offers special living conditions to cats who for reasons of abuse, handicap, injury, abandonment or other unique circumstances need an extra chance at a great life.  These cats are available for adoption, or available for sponsorship through the Share-A-Pet program; all enjoy the best of health and care for as long as they need to be with us.

Kitty City residents enjoy human companionship 8 hours every day, have on-premises veterinary care 6 days a week, specially filtered water, kitty entertainment in the form of cat-TV, fish tanks and toys galore. In nice weather, they also have access to a large, escape-proof outdoor area

All Share-A-Pet cats can be visited by their sponsors and always enjoy the extra attention. They are also available for adoption to the perfect home. While Kitty City is an amazing and comfortable place for our Share-A-Pet kitties, each would still love and cherish a home of his or her own. Kitty City is also home to cats whose care has been left to us through Wills or Bequests. Please take a moment and learn about each of our Kitty City residents and read more about our Share-A-Pet program and how it helps cats who were in special need.