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& Popcorn Park


In September 2016 a young woman called and asked for our help in placing her cow. She had raised her from a calf and showed her in 4H shows. Eventually Bella became too big, so the young woman brought her to a milking farm were Bella was bred, had a calf, and was then milked.

Bella was a great at it but didn't produce a lot of milk. She also didn't breed well and could not produce another calf. As a result, the farm could no longer keep her and Bella's owner started making calls looking for someplace for Bella to live out her life. When she contacted us we thought we had a great place for her -not far from us was a farm that had sheep and one young cow. Being herd animals, we thought Bella and this cow could keep each other company. Long story short, the owner of that farm also wanted a cow that he could breed and that would produce milk.

Bella helping Popcorn Park General Manager John Bergmann move some of the waterfowl

So we brought Bella here to Popcorn Park to live with Victor and Curly, two of our llamas. They sort of get along but Bella would much rather keep company with our staff. She loves the attention and especially her Reiki treatments from our resident Reiki master. Bella also loves getting involved with anything going on in her yard. We had a crew out in the llamas' and Bella's area building her a lean-to for feeding and shelter, and she had to be part of it. She inspected the materials they brought in to build it as well as keeping a close eye on the construction.

Bella inspecting the building materials ...

… and keeping an eye on the construction of her new shed.

She a joy to have around, and makes friends with everyone. You can help support Bella by sponsoring her in the Wildlife Club where you will get her picture and a letter from her 3 times a year.