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Popcorn Park is a sanctuary for animals who faced desperate circumstances and/or death. Popcorn Park began in 1977 when we rescued and treated a raccoon caught in a leg-hold trap. We gave him a home for life as he could never be released and survive.

Soon Popcorn Park became a permanent home to exotics, wildlife, farm animals, and birds who suffered abandonment, cruelty, injury, illness, handicap, exploitation, old age, inappropriate ownership,  or who could not be safely returned to the wild.

(We're planning for a new video. Meanwhile, the video at right, although made a few years ago, gives you an idea of all we do for the animals that come to Popcorn Park, and why they needed our help. Thanks for watching! )

Popcorn Park Refuge, located in the scenic Pine Barrens of Ocean County, is now home to over 200 animals and birds, all provided spacious living quarters and assured a lifetime of good care. All residents may be sponsored through the Wildlife Club and/or you can support the refuge through the Popcorn Park Zoological Society.

Popcorn Park is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with early closings on holidays. Admission into the park stops at 4:15 pm.  A small admission fee helps support the animals. Learn more about visiting Popcorn Park.

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