Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park


A very special Sponsorship

The Popcorn Park Wildlife Club was formed in June of 1977 to raise the funds necessary to support the rapidly growing park, and to insure that all the animals would receive the best of care. The Wildlife Club has no annual membership fee; its members are those who agree to select one or more animals in Popcorn Park and sponsor that animal through a small monthly donation. For only $5.00 per animal per month, a sponsoring member receives a color photo of his animal and a letter from the animal every four months via e-mail, plus a subscription delivered via e-mail to the Associated Humane Societies' bi-monthly animal welfare magazine, the HUMANE NEWS. Sponsors also receive a Popcorn Park Wildlife Membership card when they subscribe to support an animal for one year, which entitles them to free admission to Popcorn Park for the duration of that year.

Sponsoring a Popcorn Park animal is a great feeling. Each resident of the refuge gets the best of food, selected specially for that animal, all needed medical care and a spacious living area. Each person sponsoring that animal contributes to his or her well-being. In some cases, a sponsored animal may pass away from old age or failed health, often the reason why we accepted them. The Wildlife Club member will then be offered another animal for sponsorship, or may choose another.

The purpose of the Wildlife Club is to provide as much support possible to Popcorn Park. The park receives no federal, state or local funding, relying primarily on Wildlife Club and Zoological Society members and the Society itself. All contributions to this program are completely tax deductible under Federal law 501 (c) 3. Please note: Should funds for one animal exceed the cost of its care, they are applied towards the care of all animals in need in Popcorn Park.

You are always welcome, if in the area, to take advantage of your special membership pass and come visit the animal you sponsor, and see for yourself how well-cared for he or she is. Sponsorship is also a great idea for school groups or service clubs, and we can arrange for special tours of the refuge for such groups.

Check out the link below to see us. Thanks for reading about us!