Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park


The Society has many ways for you to help our animals. 

You'll find several unique opportunities to support our cats and dogs as well as our Popcorn Park residents below. These include the Share-A-Pet Program, The Popcorn Park Wildlife Club, The Popcorn Park Zoological Society, the Vested Interest Fund and the Res-Q Fund. Of course, if you wish to make a general donation, the Society will carefully apply your gift where it is needed most, and if you have toured our web site, you know caring for thousands of animals annually offers many opportunities!

Below are listed some additional ways you can help:


Every time you shop for your pets food and supplies, you can help AHS shelter animals at the same time!  Just go to our charitable page: and AHS/Popcorn Park will receive a donation based on your purchase, and a $20.00 donation for all new customers. offers free shipping for orders over $50 and a huge variety of pet food and supplies for every species and breed you can imagine!  Check it out!

Make Us Your Favorite Charity on EBAY

Support Associated Humane Societies when you shop or sell on eBay thanks to the eBay for Charity program.

Favorite us on eBay
  • First, personalize your shopping experience to benefit our organization by making us your Favorite charity on eBay.
  • Next, you will automatically see Associated Humane Societies as your preferred charity in eBay checkout.

  • Last but not least, you can easily sell your used items and donate from 10% to 100% of your sales to benefit us. Not only will we receive 100% of your donation, but eBay will waive your Final Value Fees to the extent you donate…AND you get the tax credit.

Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities.

Donate your Fresh Step Paw Points

Did you know that now, every time you purchase Fresh Step products you can help a cat here at AHS/Popcorn Park? How cool is that! Just donate your Paw Points to us and we'll get products to help care for the hundreds of cats at our facilities! Our goal is to reach 5000 points. Surely we can do that with your help! Just click here to find out how.

Investors Bank Care2Share Affinity Program

AHS/Popcorn Park is partnering with Investors Bank and now has a new and super easy way for you to help our animals. Read more on their website for details. You can also check out the Care2Share FAQ's page right here! Your involvement with the Care2Share program is absolutely free to you and will help the animals at AHS/Popcorn Park!


Do you love to walk your dog? Do you have a smartphone? If you answered yes to both, then this is something so easy that you can do to help animals in our facility! All you have to do is click the link and download the Wooftrax app to your smartphone. Every time you walk your dog, you'll be earning donations for our facility! Just select Associated Humane Societies- Ocean County Branch as your shelter of choice, and start walking. We just received our first check from Wooftrax for the first supporter that walked 3.8 miles, and earned us $6.00! How great is that?! Visit the Wooftrax website and download the app!

Kuranda Dog Beds - When you purchase a Kuranda dog bed for any one of our three shelters, you will receive a special incentive to buy the bed as well as helping our dogs enjoy the sturdy comfort of Kuranda Beds. Learn more on how to help by checking out the Donate A Bed section ... Kuranda Dog Beds

Recycle Cell Phones/Electronics- Help Others and the Planet 

In order to raise awareness for the environment and conservation, the Society has answered a special call – collecting used, unwanted cell phones and hand-held electronics. All cell phones that can be refurbished and reused will be recycled to low income users in other countries or to Battered Women’s programs, senior citizen groups, emergency 911 calls, etc. Among other items accepted are cell phone accessories, iPods and MP3 players, hand-held game systems, GPS hand-held units, laptops, e-readers and portable hard drives. Just drop them off at any of our shelters or ship them to any of our shelters.

Search the Web and Help the Society! 

You can now help AHS and Popcorn Park Zoo by doing what you do every day - search online.  The Society has joined Goodsearch - a new, Yahoo-powered search engine that is committed to helping legitimate charities each time they search online. And it's very simple.

Each time you want to do an online search, just use Goodsearch instead of your usual search engine. You might even want to make it your homepage. Each time you do a search, Yahoo donates a penny to your favorite charity ... us!

You can help all our animals starting today by searching with Goodsearch - what an easy way to donate a little everyday. Just go directly to Goodsearch type in Associated Humane Societies and search!  Or better yet, add a GoodSearch toolbar to your favorite browser. Spread the word and you'll help even more!

Donate a Playhouse!

Perhaps your children have grown and the plastic playhouses that decorate your backyard are no longer in use. The Society's dogs enjoy the outdoors and are able to stay in the shade and enjoy the pineland breezes without the sun's strong rays. If you have a children's plastic playhouse that you would like to donate, please bring to our Tinton Falls or Forked River facility. Here you see Share-A-Pets Rocky and Hank trying playhouses on for size on the Animal Haven Farm.

Help Popcorn Park with New Zoo Signs

New attractive signs in the form of pages in an open book are being produced for the compounds throughout Popcorn Park. This will enable visitors to learn of the history of the sanctuary’s residents. It is our hope that the messages will convey to youngsters that most of these animals should have been allowed to live out their lives naturally. It is because of man’s interference and their ultimate threat with death that they now reside at Popcorn Park.The cost for each sign is $90.00 and we are hoping that you will donate towards this educational facet of Popcorn Park. Please make a donation today towards these both beautiful and informative signs to help visitors understand our mission.

Celebrate Your Special Occasion with Compassion and Generosity to Animals.

Guests at your special occasion will be delighted that their attendance can help animals as well as commemorate your special day. Whether it be a wedding, engagement, bar mitzvah, anniversary, birthday party or some other celebration where you would like to impart to guests that you love animals, the AHS/PPZ has a wonderful solution. Each guest will receive a packet of Forget-Me-Nots and a card from the AHS with a visit to Popcorn Park. What a great way to make your celebration extra special!

Please contact us to help make your special occasion a truly memorable one for you and animals!