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Help put rescued animals on the road to recovery

The ResQ Fund is a unique fund established for the sole purpose of providing emergency, surgical or other intensive medical care to animals that have suffered excessively cruel or neglectful treatment.  Unfortunately, there is never a lack of animals who have been abused or left to languish in terrible conditions. We are happy to provide these unfortunates with the chance to live in love and safety. But before we can heal their broken hearts, we often have to heal broken bodies. This may require the help of emergency care facilities at off hours and/or the attention of veterinary specialists. The ResQ Fund covers the costs of addressing the issues that will put that dog or cat on the road to recovery. Any funds donated to a particular animal that exceed the cost of care for that animal are applied to others needing care under the ResQ Fund.  To donate to the ResQ Fund, just click below.

Vinnie Van Gogh is one of many examples of how your donations can heal an animal that was brutalized and in dire need of intensive emergency care as well as long-term ongoing care. 

You can read the beginning of his story here and follow his journey to recovery with the assistance of the ResQ Fund. Vinnie was adopted into a wonderful home. 

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