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Kya Receives Surgery - Recovers Like A Champ!

You may have noticed Kya not being out in her exhibit last week, she was recovering from a recent surgery. Here's what had happened...

The last few times Kya cycled she acted a little off, not her normal cycle. We noticed an abnormal discharge and called our vets. They knew we would have to spay her soon to prevent an infected uterus which is called a pyometra. After talking with our veterinarians Dr’s Bergmann and Paluch they decided to schedule the surgery right away.

Plans were made and our vets brought out their specialized large animal anesthesia unit and monitoring equipment to make the procedure as safe as possible. Kya did have a mild pyometra, so the surgery was just in time, preventing a more serious and life threatening health condition.

The perfect Patient

Kya was the perfect patient and her surgery went smooth. That night she was recovered and resting comfortably. The next day she was almost acting as if nothing ever happened! These animals are amazingly resilient!

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