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Horribly Matted, Sam Tied to Irvington Fence and Abandoned

A disgusting member of the human race allowed a Shi Tzu to be overgrown with a pathetic mass of hair that encapsulated the entire body. In addition to the uncaring lack of concern, this person then tied this dog to a fence...and walked away.

The Associated Humane Societies was alerted to the abandonment by the Irvington Police Department & Animal Control Officer Tom Circle rescued the dog & a quick assessment indicated this dog needed immediate attention. The massive amounts of hair had strangulated movement & blood supply to the legs. It was a quick trip to the Animal Emergency & Referral Service in Fairfield where the vets removed the horrible matting.

Throughout his stay with our ACO Tom, his tail never stopped wagging. Medical treatment was required & it was fortunate that although continued care is needed, the Shi Tzu will not require amputation to his paws or legs. Thanks to our Res-Q Fund,  your generosity helps us to help such needy cases.

"Sam" has been sent to our Forked River facility for continued care. For more information on Sam, call AHS at 609-693-1900 or e-mail us & refer to File 29419-M.

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