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Harper - Found in Backyard Muzzled

She was discovered in a Newark backyard with no visible or traceable owner.  It is not known what misdeeds she may have done to deserve a muzzle. Our Animal Control Officer, Tom Circle, approached her with some doggie treats and she immediately showed an interest in the offering. ACO Circle took off the confining muzzle. She was friendly and consumed with hunger and thirst which were offered.

The muzzle was somewhat worn and had been on her long enough to wear away at the skin and fur. We cannot fathom the reasoning behind this corrective action…

No one has called to lay claim…even though she could have been easily identified.

A wonderful home is what we are promising this lovely lass & we wouldn’t want to disappoint her. We call her Harper and hope you will visit our Newark shelter so you can meet her for yourself.  For more information, call AHS at 9 73-824-7080 or e-mail us and refer to File 29889-F.

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