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Sadie and sam- Given up during their golden years

How on earth someone could bring their two elderly dogs that lived in a home for over a decade to an animal shelter and walk away is beyond us. Sam and Sadie are 14 years old. At 14 years old, these two hound dogs now wake up every morning hoping that today will be the day that they can go back home. They look at every face that passes them by, wondering when that familiar face will appear to takethem home. They don't understand what happened and honestly, there is no good reason for what happened. Sam and Sadie were given up because their owner couldn't handle their needs any longer. The funny thing is, their needs are not so great.....they just need love, attention, and care. Is that too much to ask after devoting your lives to your family?

Sam and Sadie are the nicest dogs too, which is even more heartbreaking. Sam is full of lumps, just fatty masses that should have been removed long ago but now, at his age, are very difficult to remove and not worth the risk. Sadie has a few lumps of her own, and walks much slower due to arthritic legs that come with age. But the two don't let this get them down. They are so thrilled to go out for a leisurely stroll with the new friends they've made. They pass by other dogs and wag their tails, but barely bat an eye. Sam sits up and begs for a treat while Sadie rests her head on your knee, looking up at you with puppy-dog eyes. They are just plain lovely, and they deserve to be loved by a family in a good, comfortable, peaceful home.

In the meantime, Sadie and Sam have taken up residence in our Animal Haven Farm so they can enjoy a quiet life with large living quarters and a huge yard to roam in. They could also use a little extra lovin' from some wonderful sponsors so please consider being a part-time pet parent to Sadie and Sam. You can come in and visit them anytime, take them for a walk, and you'll get all of the perks of being a sponsor- free zoo admission, updates and photos throughout the year, and more. Click here to sponsor Sadie and Sam.