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Mom, Dad and Puppy abandoned in crate

Time and time again we ask the same question when we see a case like this....what is wrong with people??  No one ever has a good answer for us, and we just keep hoping that this kind of blatant abuse of animals will stop one day but sadly, it just keeps on coming.

Our AHS-Newark facility received the call over the hot summer weekend to dispatch an officer to a Newark residence where animal abuse and abandonment were reported.  When ACO Tom Circle arrived and was led to the apartment where these poor animals were suffering, he was greeted by a mother and father pit bull, along with their three month old puppy, all squeezed into a crate that was covered in feces and urine.  The dogs were frantic for help and frankly, we are surprised that they didn't try to break out of the crate to free themselves of this awful situation. 

The property owner explained that the owner of the trio of dogs moved out of the apartment a few weeks prior, leaving them behind.  The City of Newark Animal Control was called, but they never responded, never came out to help.  The property owner could wait no longer for help, so he began providing them with food and water, and then called AHS Newark for help.

Mom, Dad and puppy were brought to AHS Newark where they were checked out in the medical department, cleaned up, given a good meal and made very comfortable.  They are still very shaken up by their horrid ordeal but we are hopeful that they will all make a full recovery and will soon be ready to start their lives over again in proper homes where they will receive all of the love and good care that they deserve.  

These dreadful cases are becoming more and more frequent lately, especially in the city of Newark, NJ, and the surrounding towns.  We are grateful to our Animal Control staff from AHS Newark for always being there for animals in need, and grateful to our supporters for donating to our ResQ Fund so that we can provide the care that these animals desperately require.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund to support this important work by texting ResQ to 501501 or by donating below

More to come on this rescued family after they have had a chance to decompress and put this terrible experience behind them.  Please check back for updates and call AHS Newark at 973-824-7080 or email: with any questions.