Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park



First Place; 2018 Ford Mustang:  Barbara Kasten

Second Place: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card:  Merynda Fuellhart

Third Place; $1,000 Amazon Gift Card:   Gary W. Seagraves

Each year we hold our annual Save-A-Life Sweepstakes which supports our ResQ Fund and all our efforts to help the thousands of needy animals who enter our shelters each year. Why not take a chance to win a fabulous 2018 Mustang or other great prizes?

If you would like to enter our Save-A-Life Sweepstakes, you can request tickets by e-mailing or calling (609) 693-1900, or at our shelter desk at AHS/Popcorn Park. For the first time, you can also order tickets online. There are 10 tickets per booklet and we request a donation of $10 per booklet. If you want more than 30 tickets, please contact us as indicated above. After purchasing, you will receive your tickets in the mail, so please login or become a member to include shipping information. 

The drawing for the Sweepstakes will be held Sunday, December 9 at 3 pm at Popcorn Park, but you need not be present to win. Thanks for your support and good luck!

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