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Penny & Bella Update

Meet Penny & Bella — these are the two beautiful girls that were tied to our fence about a month ago…

They are four and seven years young and they love each other and we will be adopting them together as a bonded pair. Housebroken / playful / cuddly - ADORABLE they are.

If you’re interested in meeting them the shelter is open daily 
as of 12 PM we show dogs until 530 on the weekdays and 430 on the weekends.

Penny & Bella Survive Death-Defying Act on Shafto Road

If you have ever traveled on Shafto Road in Tinton Falls, then you know what a death-defying act it was to abandon two dogs in 90 degree heat with the leashes wrapped around the wooden fence. The high-speed traffic, trucks & cars have increased immeasurably over the past few years. Luckily, an AHS worker was bringing out garbage & immediately rescued the two dogs & brought them into the shelter.

In a further investigation, there is so much more to this story.  Scanning for a microchip proved fruitless until they tried a different scanner & picked up chips on both dogs. AHS staffers contacted the SPCA who had notes that a pet owner had attempted to leave two dogs at their shelter.

A contact was made with the owner who had attempted to surrender the dogs for a month. The owner could not afford their fees; she was being evicted from her Red Bank residence and she had run out of options.

She did not know she could have come to our shelter with our open-door policy and we would have taken them in. It is a story that could have ended tragically if they had gotten out on high-speed Shafto Road!

Thanks to our commitment to keep an open door policy and keeping pairs of pooches together, we are always in need of funds to help those who have no where to turn.  AHS is there.

The dogs' owner came in and signed them over to AHS to find a home for the bonded pair.  Penny is a 4 year old small pit and Bella is a 7 year old Boxer. They are altered and their family must move on....and so does Penny & Bella.

For more information on the pair, call AHS at 732-922-0100 or e-mail us and refer to Tag 32814 & Tag 32815.  AHS is open 7 days a week.  Please stop by and see Penny &  Bella -- or lots of other dogs and cats awaiting adoption.

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