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Bella Gets An Eye Exam

Our animal caretakers noticed a little discharge from Bella’s right eye late last week and when our veterinarians examined it a mass on the 3rd eyelid was seen. Even small changes on the eyelids of cattle need to be addressed right away as they can grow at a fast rate and lead to the animal losing its entire eye.

We immediately made arrangements with our consulting ophthalmologist, Dr Vygantas. Yesterday Bella was sedated and her eye was numbed to allow for a full examination. The small mass was removed and cryosurgery was used on the surrounding tissue.

Bella getting ready for an Eye Exam

Taking a peek at the problem

The tissues are sent to the lab for analysis and we will know the next stage of treatment soon. We hope to have removed all of the small tumor early and no further treatments will be needed.

One lucky cow

Enjoying all the attention

Bella enjoyed her quick nap and was back to eating her hay and hogging all the attention from staff later that morning. Today she was up and around like nothing had happened. If you would like to sponsor Bella, you can find out how here or email Alexis our sponsorship coordinator, thank you.