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Tink - Abandoned Under Darkness of Rainy Night

Over the past several weeks, the AHS has rescued several dogs left in boxes, by roadsides, in ravines, in desolate parks -- each dog with compromised health concerns. AHS has been overwhelmed by the increase in the amount of people who are unwilling to accept the responsibility of bringing an unwanted animal to their local shelter or AHS.

The latest rescue was a sweet female terrier, no older than 2-3, who was abandoned on the side of the road in a box. Judging from the sparse hair, the long nails --  Tink  had been uncared for even in her home. Obviously she did not receive even the minimum of care or concern for her future. Not only was she cruelly abandoned, they left her under darkness of night, in the cold rain to withstand the elements.

AHS Animal Control Officer Louise Ward brought her back to the AHS in Newark where she will receive all necessary care and inoculations, medical exam and even a spa day to make her feel welcome and wanted.

Tink would have received the very same care and treatment if the owner had brought her to our Evergreen Avenue shelter for the good of the terrier. 

Leaving her in a box at the side of the road is not only illegal, but could have put her in harm's way by dogs, dog fight promoters, taunting youths and more.

AHS is open 7 days a week.  Please visit Tink and meet this adorable lady who was left in the lurch. For more information, call AHS at 973-824-7080 or e-mail us.

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