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Stop Cruel Punishment of Wildlife!

The League of Humane Voters of NJ ( is urging NJ residents to help regarding animal legislation.

Leghold Traps

Senate Bill 179 (Gopal, Cunningham) & Assembly Bill 3110 (Benson, Mukherji, Vainieri Huttle) needs support to ban the cruel animal traps in NJ. It was 34 years ago when the cruel steel jaw leghold traps were banned.  Now there is an effort to "regulate" another prohibited leghold trap. They are now calling it an "enclosed foothold" trap and it is being used.

Legislation is needed to outlaw ALL body-gripping traps. Current law bans leghold traps but other devices that grip or kill animals are legal.  Body-gripping traps & snares are often set up to drown, strangulate or hang an animal.

From November 15 thru March 15, in extreme weather, there is not a moment when beavers, otters, mink, foxes, raccoons and other animals are not dying horrible deaths. Contact your NJ Senators/Assembly persons to support this bill For more information, contact

Killing of Deer - Day or Night

According to The League of Humane Voters of NJ, Senate Bill 2419  Smith, Oroho and Assembly Bill 3242 (Andrzejczak) would allow the killing of deer by day or night, by jacklighting or stunning deer with lights and shooting from cars and trucks.  According to the LOHVNJ, the bills are moving on a fast track.  Please contact your state legislators to give your opinion. For more information, contact