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Withering From Starvation, Carolina and Carl Rescued

The AHS was called at 3 a.m. by a Newark tenant who decided to get rid of two dogs that she kept in the basement of her apartment. Animal Control Officer Louise Ward answered the call and ascertained that the dog owner had called Newark Animal Control two weeks prior but when they mentioned a monetary charge, she changed her mind.



During the time that these two dogs lived in the darkened basement, behind a locked door, they were deprived of sunlight, food, a human touch.  Our ACO determined that a local teen-ager who lives down the block, noticed that the dogs were suffering. This young animal lover would feed them scraps through a low open window.  The only intervention these dogs had would from the kindness of a kid who cared.  According to our ACO: "Meanwhile upstairs three different households stood by as the dogs withered of starvation for two months".

Sadly, Carolina & Carl are just the latest in a very long line of helpless dogs that have been emotionally traumatized by the thoughtless, irresponsible people who no longer wanted them. The AHS Newark Animal Care Center has been there for over 110 years and our stewardship is to keep our doors open and take in  these unwanted animals.  We are not there to judge the people who turn them in.

If you are aware of a needy animal -- especially those tied outside -- please step up and report it.  Winter is fast approaching & The Farmers Almanac predicts a bone-chilling winter.

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