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Abandoned Ferragamo Needs Some Sunshine

Newark's Branch Brook Park has had a shamefully bad reputation of people who abandon unwanted, sick, injured dogs and cats that creeps no longer wish to take responsibility for. It is sadly incomprehensible that many people have lost the love and reverence for life that helpless animals are so quickly tossed aside.

Thankfully, the Essex County Parks Police are diligent when locating animals within the park.  Ferragamo was the latest that we rescued.  The AHS Animal Control Officer picked up the 20 pound pooch & brought him back to AHS where he was held for 7 days.

The Chihuahua type, who is about 8 years old, was then sent to the AHS shelter in Tinton Falls. After a veterinary examination, he was found to have two tumors which were then removed.

 A biopsy has revealed that the tumor was malignant.  We dont know if Ferragamo  has a month...a year or more but we hope that whatever time he  has left on earth, that this sweet soul will enjoy it in the heart, home and hospice care that is in our bucket list for him.

For more information on Ferragamo, call AHS at 732-922-0100 or e-mail us.

We have a better idea!  AHS is located at 2960 Shafto Road in Tinton Falls, convenient to the GSP, Route 33-34 Circle.  Stop in any day between 9 and 4 and meet a fellow who needs some sunshine in his life.

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