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Yukon Gets Extra Help From Dedicated Staff Member

As the first full week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, we thought that we would point out what animal shelters do that go beyond just sheltering the animals in their care.  Animal shelters are not the big, bad places that some make them out to be.  At least ours isn't.  We do much more than just "shelter" animals at Associated Humane Societies.  Take, for instance, the story of Yukon.

Yukon is a Siberian husky that is about 3 years old.  He came to us in July, 2017, from our AHS Newark facility when he was surrendered by his family who could no longer care for him.  It was obvious that Yukon had little training in his young life, but we could also see that he really didn't have a mean bone in his happy, furry body. 

After evaluating Yukon and getting to know him well, we sought out an experienced home for him where he would get exercise, training, direction, and all of the love that he would gladly give back to his new family.  Over the last year, Yukon was adopted out twice.  The first time, he was returned after two days for attacking the vacuum cleaner.  The second time, he was returned after one day because his new owners pushed every one of Yukon's buttons in order to get reactions out of him and when he did not behave like the perfect dog on day number one,  we were told that he was, "dangerous" and that we should not have adopted him out.  Yes, we screen adopters thoroughly.  The truth is, you can never predict what will happen when they walk out the door.

So with three homes behind him in less than two years, many would give up on a dog like Yukon.  We did not, and we will not give up on a dog or any other pet that exhibits less than desirable behavior that can be corrected.  Yukon is such a wonderful dog.  Sure, he's like a big, goofy puppy that will walk all over you and take advantage of you if you let him but luckily, we got his number, and we can work with that.  

Once again, our kennel supervisor, Tiffany, and her husband, Chris, have opened their home to another dog in need.  We have entered Yukon into a training program and since Tiffany is helping him along in his training, she has taken Yukon home to work with him further.  If you have followed us for a while, then you will know that Tiffany has done this many times in the past, and we can't thank her enough for her dedication to our special needs animals.

(Tiffany Zinky, above, with some of the special needs animals that she has helped in the past- Leo the Tibetan Mastiff and Vinnie Van Gogh)

In his first week in his foster home, we are happy to report that Yukon has NOT attacked the vacuum cleaner, nor has he done anything "dangerous" for that matter.  He has, however, tried to push around his foster dad a little, but he is taking correction very well and learning manners quickly.  He is having the time of his life, being in a home, having canine friends and a yard, and plopping on a couch at night with a family.  He will stay in Tiffany's home and she will work with him for as long as it takes to get him on track to get himself into a good, permanent home.  

That's what caretakers at animal shelters do.  That's what our animal shelter does, and we're fortunate to have staff members like Tiffany and so many others that work so hard to give every single animal that comes through our doors a second chance.  So please appreciate your local animal shelter!  And if they're a non-profit like we are, support them as well.  You can support our efforts by texting ResQ to 501501 to make a $10 donation or by donating to our Res-Q Fund below.  

Please stay tuned for more on Yukon's progress!

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