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Blackie & Lulu- More to their sad story...

As it appeared on our website, "They arrived in a wire cage in an open back pick-up truck at the AHS Tinton Falls animal shelter. While an individual was walking through the parking lot, they heard a man screaming and yelling at the two dogs who were silently crouched together".  That was the only part of Blackie & Lulu's story that was accurate. The driver claimed he was evicted from his Asbury Park residence and had to surrender his two dogs.  We learned more about the sad tale of these two sweet dogs....

Within a few days, AHS received a call from a woman who was searching for her dogs. Since AHS does not service Asbury Park for stray dogs, we questioned her further. It was discovered that her boy friend had brought them to AHS. In a spiteful, mean-spirited act, the driver who purported to be the owner surrendered them to AHS due to a domestic abuse situation. We advised the owner of Blackie & Lulu to please come in and reclaim her doggy duo. It has been more than 2 weeks so it is obvious she has chosen to stay in her present relationship and give up on taking her two Puggle mix pooches back.

The pair are doing well and have been at outreach pet adoption days....but no luck  yet.  Blackie, the mom (black) is about 8 years old and daughter Lulu (tan) is around 2 years old.  The mother and daughter are friendly, mild-mannered and are available for adoption together.

For more information, you can visit this little family at 296 Shafto Road in Tinton Falls. You can also call 732-922-0100 or email us at:
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