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Cat Family Saved Thanks to Dedicated ACO

All of us here at AHS/Popcorn Park know what our Animal Control Officer, Maria, goes through to ensure the safety and well-being of every single animal that she goes out to rescue, but many of you rarely hear these stories.  So many of Maria's rescue missions include going far above and beyond the typical duties of the average ACO.  Her stories amaze all of us and the lives she saves are too many to count.  Here is just one of those great stories...

On a cold and dreary November day, some heartless individual decided that they no longer wanted to care for a mother and father cat, and their small baby.  The cat family were taken to a seasonal RV resort park, dumped out of their carrier on the outskirts of the park, and left with nothing but a ragged crocheted blanket.  Thankfully, there is a year-round resident at the RV park, as well as a groundskeeper.  These two kind people learned of the cat family abandonment, and made the call to us at AHS/Popcorn Park.

Our ACO Maria went out to the park and got to work, as she so often does, scouting out the property, figuring out where best to place traps and food, and committing herself to rescuing this cat family no matter what.  She had the help of the RV park employees, as well as Valerie from a local rescue and her own family members, husband Bruce and son Jeremy, since the traps would need to be checked often and at all hours of the day and night.

Maria and her helpers waited for two days with no luck at getting any members of the family.  Finally, when they checked late on Friday evening, they saw that they had the mother!  The next day, they got the father!  Of course Maria knows, she could not take the parents away from their little one, so she set them up in a warm, safe crate, in order to bring the baby to them.  

Maria checked morning, noon, and night, in the hopes of finding the little one.  Finally around midnight on Sunday evening, Maria went out to check for the baby and as she was combing the area, making her "mew" sounds, she spotted a tiny leg climb up beneath a shed on the property.  She mewed some more, carefully trying to coax the baby out and finally, he came to her.  Maria brought the whole family back to her house and once safely inside, at 1 A.M., she reunited the little family.  Three more lives saved by Maria!!

Mom, Dad, and baby, (who Maria named, Bruce Lee), are doing wonderfully.  They are the friendliest cats, and absolutely love people.  It's hard to imagine someone dumping them in the woods, throwing down a shabby blanket, and walking away, but they are putting that all out of their minds now and are focused on their future.  The little family will soon be looking for a home and wouldn't it be wonderful if they got adopted together?  

These are the stories that we hear every day that touch us and inspire us, and we hope this touches you too.  Please consider making a donation toward our efforts to do everything we can to save every animal we can, from the tiniest kitten to the largest lion.  Text ResQ to 501501 to make a $10.00 donation, or donate to our Res-Q Fund below.

Thank you for your support, and thank you again Maria!

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