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Amara- Abanonded in a Park, Now Needs a Chance

We imagine that it's hard for all of you to really feel what we are feeling when a pet comes in that has been let down so terribly by the human race.  When a dog comes to us from our Newark facility with a story that is just so's hard to put into words sometimes how we all feel for this innocent creature that has been treated no better than a piece of old lawn furniture.  Yet the good people at our AHS Newark facility take them in, they treat them and make them comfortable, then they will sometimes send them to us AHS/Popcorn Park  continue on their road to recovery.  We all feel that these poor souls deserve a second chance, no matter their age or their medical issues, and we hope that we can convince you to give them a chance too.

Amara was surely someone's good and faithful pet at one time.  We can't imagine why that person would have taken this poor old girl to Newark's Weequahic Park one October day and left her there in such a sad state.  She was terribly neglected with large patches of hair missing all over her body, and she had a lot of trouble getting around and appeared to be in pain.  Thankfully, some people noticed her laying there, and flagged down an Animal Control Officer that was passing by.

Amara was taken to AHS Newark and went to see the veterinarian.  So many things were found to be troubling this poor dog, but the most troubling was her huge, distended abdomen.  Some x-rays were taken and tests done, and it was discovered that she was suffering with pyometra, which could have killed her that very day had she not have gotten the help she needed.  When her infected uterus was removed, it weighed 7 1/2 pounds.  She also had some mammary tumors removed and her skin infection was treated.

Amara took some time to recover and then was transferred to us at AHS/Popcorn Park.  We just couldn't believe the sweetness of her.  After being thrown away by someone she loved, left to die all alone in a park, she still loved people so much.  It only takes Amara seconds to know you before she is wriggling herself into your lap.  She rolls on her back for belly rubs and her tail never, ever stops wagging at the prospect of getting some attention from you.  She is truly what we call, "one of those dogs that gets you right here"......

Amara is on the mend and is looking for a peaceful, loving home where she will be treated with all of the love and respect she deserves.  She seems fine with other easy-going dogs that don't cause her any grief and she positively adores people.  She sure deserves a good life, with all she's been through and if you met her, you'd understand why we do what we do, and why we continue to ask for your help to keep on doing it.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund below, and please consider welcoming Amara into your life.  If you are interested in giving Amara a great home, please contact us at 609-693-1900.

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