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Starving Lyric Recovers At AHS Newark

The emaciated dog was kept in a darkened, unheated hallway -- tied to a bannister. The AHS Animal Control Officer was alerted to the scene & brought the grimy, starving dog back to the AHS Newark facility for immediate care.

Upon arrival, she was brought to the Medical Dept. and it was at that time a microchip was discovered! We immediately contacted the owner which was traced back to a family who had lost  her in 2011.  It is not known if she were stolen, lost or strayed but since her owner had originally spayed her, she could not be used as a breeding machine.

Putting on weight, feEling happY

The pathetic dog weighed only 26 pounds upon arrival & since that time, but she is tipping the scales at 45 pounds. Her owner has moved to Florida and due to present circumstances, unable to take "Lyric" who is about 8 years old. With a heavy heart, they have since surrendered Lyric to AHS.

The video easily conveys the pure joy and contentment she feels after her rescue. For more information on Lyric, call the AHS at 973-824-7080 or e-mail  refer to File #35515.

The extremely affectionate Lyric has a song in her heart to give to a loving owner

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