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Squirrels rescued from cruel glue traps

This is exactly why these types of cruel rodent traps should be banned!  

Can you think of a worse way of dying than being stuck to glue, becoming more stuck with every move you make, trapped there and left to starve to death or until you're found and someone "disposes" of you??  What a horrible way to die.

Two flying squirrels were trapped in these disgusting traps a couple of days ago in Howell, NJ, when a homeowner was attempting to remedy a rodent problem.  When they noticed them flailing about in the traps,  Animal Control from our AHS/Tinton Falls facility was called to help.  ACO Luis Mercado went out on the call and retrieved the distraught and panicking animals.  One of the squirrels panicked so badly that he was trying to chew off his own leg to free himself.  

Luis took the squirrels directly to Garden State Wildlife Center where the squirrels were carefully removed from their death traps.  They rested for a couple of days then were released back into the wild, hoping never to come in contact with one of those awful traps again.  

The moral of the story?  Don't buy these horrible traps and hopefully, one day, they will cease to exist!  

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