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joker- thrown away but still wagging that tail!

The holidays are a tough time for young Joker.....this adorable and sweet boy was given up by his family the day after Christmas, 2017. He was hoping that he would be in a new home for this Christmas but, no such luck. He has been with us for over a year now, which is tough on such a young and vibrant dog.

When Joker arrived, he was in such a sad state.  Our Animal Control Officer went out on a call for a dog running at large in a neighboring town.  When she arrived on the scene, she saw young Joker, just standing in the middle of the road, looking around as if he had been left there and didn't know what happened.  A little investigating revealed that the people that called in to report the, "stray dog" actually were Joker's owners, and they just didn't want him any longer.  Unfortunately, they neglected him quite a bit before giving him up.

Joker suffered with a terrible skin infection that caused a lot of his hair to fall out and his skin to become raw and inflamed.  Poor Joker was feeling terrible, but he didn't let his pain dampen his happy spirits.  He could not have been more grateful and happy to be rescued and finally getting the help that he needed, and his tail never stopped wagging through all of his medicating and baths.  He loves life and everyone in it!

Fast forward to over a year later and although Joker's tail is still wagging, he's still waiting to be discovered by the perfect family.  Since Joker is only about 2 years old and has pretty much grown up in a shelter, he does need some training.  Staff member, Karissa, has been working wonders with young Joker and he is such a fast learner, but he still needs a home with no young kids simply because he is a bit grabby while playing. A nice yard and some daily exercise would do Joker a world of good and of course, a good family to love him. He gets along with some dogs that he meets that can keep up with his playing, but needs a cat-free home.

Please consider giving Joker the great home that he has yet to experience, and consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund to help us to help more pets that have been thrown away, like Joker.  Joker is at our AHS/Popcorn Park facility and can be visited any day of the week from 12pm to 5pm.  Call 609-693-1900 for more info.

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